Privacy and Security Policy

We do not collect any information from you when you visit our site. We do not put cookies into your computer (I don't even know how, and am not interested in learning). My Server makes available to me the name of your server, what kind of computer you use, what browser you use, where you go on my page and the times that you go there but nothing that tells me who you are. Occasionally I glance at these, most of the time I delete them without looking. Unless you send me an e-mail or fill out a form I'll never know you were here, just that someone was here. As I don't have any information about you I don't sell any information about you.

Credit Card and Order Information

If you send us credit card information to make a purchase by e-mail we will not store it in our computer and we will not send it back to you in our confirmation. We never sell or make available to anyone else your credit card information nor do we sell any other information that you send us, your address etc. My wife and I are the only people that ever see that information. Actually we are a small company and don't do the volume of business that would even make selling that information profitable.

Other Forms

There are other forms on this site which go to other companies which advertise with us, for a free catalog for instance. When you send any information out on these forms they use the information anyway they see fit however if it comes to my notice that they are doing anything unsavory with that information I will drop their forms and advertising.


I dislike spam and I won't subject you to any. If you send me an e-mail I'll try to answer any questions or conclude any business but I won't send you any periodic reminders to buy Pottery or anything else. Well ------ let me hedge a little here. Maybe once a year I might send out something but then again I probably won't get around to it.

Secure Server

We do have a Secure Server for your convenience and security:





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5 Oct 2000