Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder

The 3 Missions of El Paso

Or, more precisely, 2 Missions and a Presidio Chapel

All of the El Paso Missions are white but as I make the other missions in brown I tried making some in the brown color and found that they were more popular than the white so I continue giving you a choice of colors

Mission Ysletta, Soccoro, and San Elizario Chapel each have gift shops and each sells all three of our El Paso Missions, ornament and magnets, in their gift shops

Or order them from us online. Each of the EL Paso ornaments or magnets is $8.00.

$10.00 for shipping as many ornaments or magnets as you want to a single address.




Some people think of San Elizario as a mission however the San Elizario Historical Society assures me that it is a chapel so I offer a choice not only of white and brown but mission or chapel. Be sure to specify when you order.



June 11, 2022