Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the candle into the luminary?

SEPERATION OF LUMINARY The luminary has been cut apart just below the design so that you simply lift the top off the bottom part. The cut is made with three or four notches. This makes the top and bottom fit together snugly. Normally people don't notice the cut at the bottom of the luminary until they have been shown how they lift apart. The candle cups do not have this cut as the candles can be just set into them.

How do you get the color into the pottery?

The colors in our luminaries come from different colors of clay that we add to the base white ball of clay before throwing. As the pot is formed on the wheel the pressure on the clay swirls the colors giving a marbling effect.
Luminary Colors

What colors do the luminaries come in?

We use a white base clay in our luminaries and to this we add colored clays, the colors we add are:

Select Luminary Colors to see pictures showing the colors of our pottery as well as more information on how we make the colors.
Are these the only colors that the luminaries come in?

Yes, because of the temperature to which we fire our pottery, reds pinks and purples burn out. The colors we use are ones we have developed over many years and have found to be dependable.

Do you fire the pottery in a kiln?

Yes, actually we fire each glazed piece twice. The first firing is called a bisque fire, it stabilizes the clay for the glaze, and is 1940 degrees Fahrenheit (1060 C.). In the second firing we go up to 2282 degrees F. (1250 C.). It takes about 12 hours to get up to that temperature and then another 12 hours to cool off enough to lift the pieces out of the kiln.

Does the luminary come with a candle?

Yes. They do come a Tea Light Candle so that you can try it out right away.

Can you use a larger candle?

Yes votive candles work just as well as the Tea Lights but we do recommend that you use a glass votive holder to keep the wax from melting into the bottom of the Luminary. You can use larger candles but you will loose the effect of the carved designs giving shadows, The flame should not be closer than 3 or 4 inches from the ceramic surface of the luminary

Do the luminaries get smokey or black on the inside from the candle?

We use a good quality unscented candle made in the U.S. or Canada in our luminaries and have no problems with them smoking up. We have in the past bought cheap candles and found that some can smoke pretty badly. Scented candles are made with oils which may cause smoke to be given off. If your luminary should get smokey it is not a problem, they are high fired stoneware and can be washed, water or detergent will not hurt them. Sometimes a toothbrush may be helpful to get into small crevices. If your candles do smoke or aren't as bright as you think they should be try a different brand.

Can I wash the luminaries? Can they be left outside in the weather?

Yes, they are high fired stoneware and as such will withstand water and weather. We have had a number of them outside, in our back yard, for years and they are none the worse for wear.

Where can I buy a potter's wheel, clay, books about pottery, a kiln, or other pottery supplies?

POTTERY SUPPLIES will take you to a page of links to businesses that are related to pottery. This is where you can find a potter's wheel, some clay, and lessons.

POTTERY BOOKS will take you to a page where I recommend some pottery books

Where can I get a used kiln or potters wheel?

There are a lot of used kilns out there not so many potter's wheel. Try your local clay dealer, you may find one on my Pottery Supply Page, or your local ceramics dealer they sometimes have bulletin boards or may know of one for sale. Also try the want ads, you may even want to put one in the wanted section. Probably the best way is to call into a local radio swap shop.



Bill Finley
6 July 2008