Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder

Bill and Maggie

Here is a picture taken of us by Maggie's brother-in-law Jim Craig when he and Maggie's sister, Linda visited us from Scotland in 2008. We are on Medina Dam with Medina lake in the background.

Maggie and Bill

Watercolor of Bill by Lorenzo Castaneda

We have known and done Art Shows with Lorenzo Castaneda for many years. One day he was watching me demonstrate my carving while he was demonstrating painting and said that the light was hitting me just right and he wanted to paint me. This is the result. You can contact Lorenzo at 830-885-6650 or at his e-mail -

Bill by Lorenzo Castaneda

Caricatures of Bill and Maggie

Bill and Maggie 1983 Bill and Maggie 1987 Bill and Maggie 1990
Bill and Maggie 1997 Bill and Maggie2002 Bill and Maggie 2005

Bill and Maggie 2007 August 2009

Bill and Maggie with Bill and Maggie

With thanks to our dear friend Harry Schneider for all of the caricatures over the years.

Harry can do your caricature from a photo, e-mail him at:

Quick Draw Harry

June 20, 2022