Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder

Welcome to Our Gallery

We have divided our work into categories represented by the pictures below. All of our pottery pieces are made using a white clay with brown, blue, or green colored clays swirled into it on the wheel. Each piece is hand carved and glazed with a clear glaze. We fire all of our pottery to cone 6 or about 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Select the picture or the underlined text to see more pictures and choices of the Product pictured and get more information about it.

Our newest addition is our Missions of the Southwest magnet and ornament collection. We started with the Alamo and then made the other 4 Missions of San Antonio and now are starting to make other Southwestern Missions historic buildings.

Alamo and San Antonio Missions ornaments and magnets Alamo

Night Lights

Candle Cups

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Rounded Luminaries


Pedestal Luminaries

16 Sept.2010