Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder


Goliad is one of the most historic places of the fight for Texas independence. The two historic sites in Goliad are the Espiritu Santo Mission and across the river is the Presidio la Bahia which was the fort that protected the mission.

Espiritu Santo Mission

The Espiritu Santo Mission is now a State Park. You can get much more information from their web site:

We make the Espiritu Santo Magnet and ornament with both an adobe wash and white wash because, although it is painted white, we find that the adobe is more popular.

You can purchase the magnets and ornaments at the gift store at the park or you can order the from us for $8.00

Presidio la Bahia

Presidio la Bahia is a private park, you can get more information about it at it's web site:

You can order magnets and ornaments for Presidio la Bahia from us for $8.00 each

June 11, 2022