Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder

Letters from Customers

These are in the history because we seldom sell thing over the Internet anymore most sales being wholesale orders of magnets/ornaments.

Actually to be precise these are e-mails, mostly from customers. They all are unsolicited e-mails which we have received from other people and which I have cut and pasted onto this page without making any changes to them. You may wonder if I wrote these but I'm not that good a writer.

Many thanks Bill. Received in perfect condition - it really is a good piece of art, I'm happy I stopped by.

We received our luminary yesterday and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for tailoring it to our preferences.

My Jewish step-mother (and my father) really liked the Hanukkah lamp I had you send them at the beginning of the year. They were very proud of it and remarked that I had surprised them (once again ) not only with good taste and something completely unique. She had never seen anything in its like before. (She's from New York City and lives in DC, so has had exposure all her life to art and material goodies.) She was quite enchanted. Very good work. I'll bookmark your webpage and be in touch in the future. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time! :)

Hi, I'm Jackson, a high school kid from CO who just happened to come across your website. Your pottery is really awesome and though I have no interest in buying it (nor do I have money) I was wondering how you make the clay a certain color (under glaze??? somehow). I just wanted to know how you do it, and wanted to try it in my pottery class. I completely understand if you do not wish to reveal your colloring technique. If that is so, your pottery still ROCKS!!!

I did responded to tell him that we make colored clay with oxides and form the pieces with these colored clays mixed with our white clay and then use a clear glaze.

I really appreciated your customer service and responsiveness so I would like to buy something else from you.

I received my pottery today and I'm very happy with it. I do ceramics myself so I can appreciate the time you have in it. Thanks again,

WOW!Perfect arrival.the candle castslovely shadows around my Southwest living room here in Chicago.Thank you for prompt and honorable delivery.

I am late in responding. The pottery arrived on time and in perfect shape. My daughters loved their gifts and my husband and I are enjoying ours. Thank you again.

hey y'all...My pottery has arrived and has already found it's new home. I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful to us on our visit, and for making it so easy to own something I love. The hearts are perfect here in our world and look wonderful...

Thank you so much.

Thanks again for a beautiful product which make such great gifts.

( This one is from Germany, Yucca is the name of his newborn daughter.)

Thank you for the YuccaCandleCup, great ! And it arrived without any damage. Yucca is going very well. Wish you good luck and pleasure with FinleyFinePots.
Kind Regards

(From Ireland)

I recieved the order late last week, my wife is suitably impressed with your craftsmanship and my sentimentality. So looks like a job well done all round. The piece looks great and the way the shadows dance around the room is pretty cool. Once again thanks for everything, especially getting the piece to me on such a short turnaround time. I hope to do business with you again and would have no problem recommending you to friends and family.


I found your web site because I was checking to see who has links to our own site, ---------------. I clicked on your site to send an email thanking you for listing us on your links page and fell in love with your luminaries. I would like to order two, please.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with the pottery my husband and I bought while we were visiting San Antonio last August. We purchased two pieces and they are displayed on our fire place mantel. They are gorgeous and we have received many complements on them. It is beautiful art and a reminder of our fun weekend get away in Texas. Keep up the good work!

Greetings! I just wanted to let you know that I received the spider web luminary yesterday, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy with your beautiful work and I truly hope to be able to acquire more pieces in the future. And thank you for such a good packing job, the luminary arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Have a great day.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the pottery on Monday and was able to give it to my boss today. She absolutely loved it. I appreciate your willingness to make it all white - she thought it would go perfectly in her house.

Thanks again!

The pottery arrived today, and all are just fine. The ladies in my office really like the pieces. Thanks for having pottery that is truly 'American' and from Texas.

Thank you! All the things I looked at that day and your lovely "candle holder" was all I wanted. I am a quiltmaker so I love and appreciate handmade gentle things... It will have a good home with me.

Thanks for the note.. I'm camping out by the door...


I received the pottery yesterday. It is beautiful and in all one piece. Thank you so much. It looks awesome on our entertainment center.

I bought one of your Carved Luminary designs when I was in San Antonio. I use it all the time. I would like to order some more for my family at Christmas.

In an effort to locate pottery/clay supplies in the DFW Metroplex, I happened upon a link to your site with American Ceramics Supply. I am writing to applaud your site - it is the most useful site (for any product) I have run across in years. Your links to reference sources and other folk's products is phenomenal. Your own product information is easy to access, flows logically, photographed well, graphically pleasing, and effortless to obtain. Wow. Thanks. The bonus of fun and frivolity is also refreshing! With pleasure, I have seen your work at various shows. Absolutely beautiful. Your craftsmanship is inspirational.

About 60 years ago in college the ceramic department had a wheel and a man who knew how to use it. So when I got one of your luminaries as a gift from my son I had a glimmer of an idea of what it took to go from that to what you produce. Good work!

Receiving a gift of one of your luminary (carved around) with carved hearts that brings just delight to us in the evening watching the shapes around our fireplace, I simply had to let you know how very much your beautiful art is being enjoyed. Although I have never seen your pottery before, be assured we will in the future get more. Wishing you the good joy your talent brings to others!

thank you

Just wanted to let you know I received the candle holder earlier this week and it's in perfect shape. No chips or cracks during shipping. Thank you very much. I love it!

Just a short note to let you know that the UPS package containing the two Jim Smith luminaries arrived safe and sound this afternoon. They are absolutely beautiful, exactly what I wanted. The Jim Smith Society will be most appreciative. Thanks for taking the time to create this design for me and the Society. Wishing you continued success with your innovative pottery creations!

Greetings.Just to confirm all the boxes arrived safely in
Ireland thanks

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First let me tell you everyone was extremely pleased with their Christmas presents of Finley Pottery

........As a reminder we met you at the mexican market in October in San Antonio. We bought several candles at that time. when we returned home we called back and had you send more to us

thanks so much!!

Just a note to let you know the package with my 2 candle cups arived today. No damage to anything. Thanks so


All 3 boxes arrived & all 5 luminaries were intact. WE are pleased to hav e them.

Received the Luminary in perfect condition. Do you have another one similar to the one I have, in blue with a similar pattern? I want to send one to my son and daughter in law for their anniversary.

Dear sir,
I've been seen your website and I am happy becouse it is verry good pottery higt quality and colourfull design.But I am not order any pottery.I just surprice and proud of your product .My name is Zainudin . I live in a small town in Indonesia Country

I just received the five panel egg luminary that I ordered from you. It is lovely and arrived in great shape

First, let me say how pleased I am with the piece I purchased from you in San Antonio. You do beautiful work.

Thank you for the step-by-step instructions on you website! You have some great ideas! I'm 16 & just started taking pottery lessons & I came across your site. Your website is the first one that I've found that had instructions on it!

Just to let you know that I finally received the clock this morning. You have done a wonderful job.
(It took a while because we sent it to Australia)

Hello: The pottery just arrived. All intact and is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Your site pictures do not do them justice. I am thrilled beyond words and just know my sisters will love them to.

What a beauiful job Bill ! I admire it everyday...! Do you know how many of your work I have ?? you would never guess ...?? I have SEVEN pieces from your wonderful talent and I intend to acquire some more - They do fascinate me and always will ! and the two last ones are just superb, I kept one and will give the other one to the oldest daughter for her birthday.

Thank you so much for such excellent service. The gift was received in perfect condition and well liked!! A----- was so pleased, as we knew she would be! It is beautiful work that you do! We have gone to your web site.. your artistry requires so much patience and skill! So glad we met in San Antonio! We look forward to sending more of your pottery to our family and friends and even to ourselves!

we got it safe and sound. thanks its beautiful

just took a tour of your site. VERY NICE. am putting together a studio here in northglenn, co (metro denver). i have the utmost respect for anyone doing this full time. ------ your stuff is beautiful and an inspiration

Thanks for your great siteand especially the "links" page---found just what I wanted.

Call me immediately at --- --- ----. We want to feature your product on our next television show

Thanks Bill and I will certainly keep you in mind and recommend you to everyone. Thanks again and all the best to you

My wife recieved your fine pottery this week. SHe absoutley loved it, thank you for your wonderful talents.

Just wanted to let you know I received my pottery today. Both pieces arrived intact. I have already given them to the girls and both are very pleased. I actually did visit your website; and liked a lot of the pieces I saw

WOW'--- "I Just received the Pottery I ordered from you today....and -- "Bill, this is Just Awesome!" "When I opened it up and saw it I was just in Awe-- "its So Beautiful !!!!" "Its truly amazing and the artwork is really quite stunning." The colors are "perfect" for my sister-in-laws home too... I know she will be so Happy to own this wonderful Artwork you have created. I will definately keep your number and address in my notebook here for future orders.. "I am Very Happy with this gorgeous pottery you have made" : ) Thank you again so much'

the pottery arrived in perfect condition! Thanks so much

My daughter and I were so excited to open our package this morning and see our lovely pottery candle holders. We closed ourselves up in a bathroom with no windows so we could get the effects of the candle shining through the holes. Thank you so much for making such nice things and shipping to our so promptly.
Best wishes and many thanks

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