Forming or "throwing" a pot on the potter's wheel
Carvimg a candle holder

El Mercado or Market Square or The Market

These are a few of my favorite shots at El Mercado or Market Square, of course there are many shops, people, and other entertainments that are not covered in these pictures.

Market Square or the Market

is divided up into two large buildings, El Mercado and the Farmers Market, also there are many shops that have been there for years as well as two well known restaurants On the weekends, in good weather, which is most weekends in San Antonio, you can also find many local Artists vendors and musicians in the outdoor areas. Market Square is located in downtown San Antonio and is one of the most visited tourist sites in Texas. The area is built on the site of San Antonio's original Mexican Market

El Mercado

was built in the early 1976 and has many small shops most selling traditional Mexican crafts.

The Farmers Market

was also built in 1976 and for a number of years was used as a farmers market. Unfortunately most of the people who visit The Market are tourists and aren't interested in fruits and vegetables so the farmers quit coming. The city then remodeled this large building into another area with shops. Again most of these shops sell Mexican crafts.

1 Nov 2005

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